Rank Recon Review – Detailed Review of Rank Recon From Matt Callen

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Chances are that if you are reading this page right now, then you have been hearing the buzz around Matt Callens new product Rank Recon. Below you will find my detailed Rank Recon review video, so be sure you watch it before you decide to purchase Rank Recon.

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Getting backlinks and running an SEO campaign is one thing… but are you building backlinks for the RIGHT keywords, in the right amounts, at the right densities, and MOST importantly in the way that Google WANTS to see?

“So how do we know what Google wants?” Easy! Google is SHOWING You exactly what they want. :) Sort of… We just have to dig a little to find it. You can do it manually, but thankfully, SEO expert Matt Callen created a  private software to do it for us instead… Right now, you can become a founding member at this special discounted launch price. This is the only way you can get this software, and it will only be made available at this price during launch.rrinfo

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what seo was

Yes, getting links is super important and is part of our SEO plan! But there’s more to it than that. It’s now more about getting the right kinds of links, in the right way, with the right keywords, and in the way that Google wants. What we have to do is look at what Google is already ranking at the top of its results, and dive in to the linking profiles of THOSE sites. More important than ever, you NEED to know what your linking profile looks like… AND the profiles of your competitors. It’s the biggest determining factor when it comes to ranking on Googlerank recon logo If your competitors’ sites are ranking in Google, all you have to do is find out what Google likes about those sites’ linking profiles, and then do the same thing with your sites… just a little better and with more links. So HOW do we do that? rank recon trophieToday, we’re releasing a new software program called Rank Recon that, ”uncovers” Google’s algorithm for ranking sites. It shows you what Google thinks is important. We’ve only made this available one other time, (as an optional tool for Backlink Beast members), and the response has been nothing but POSITIVE Results! Watch the short video here for more details: Discount access to this software is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis… and ONLY during launch. So when I say check it out now… I mean, NOW. :) You are only going to get this discounted price though my Rank Recon review page.

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The Paid Expert Review – Google Helpouts Training From Joel Comm

Chances are if you are reading this, then you are interested in finding out more information about The Paid Expert from Joel Comm. Well, if that is the case, then you are most definitely at the right place. I have put together a detailed video review of this new training course  below.

If you want to get in on something that is absolutely groundbreaking, then you will want to jump into this training as fast as possible.

See, the thing is, Google has very quietly unveiled this crazy money printing machine without really promoting it too much. They are basically going to pay you to give your advice to other people that are looking for answers. Imagine being able to charge 30 different people that join your Google Helpout $30 for 30 minutes of your time. That is $900 for whopping half hour of your time to talk about something that you already know everything about. THAT IS CRAZY!!!

Back in 2004 Adsense was the big craze, and Joel wrote a book called The Adsense Code, which gave him the title of New York Times Best Seller. Joel is no doubt the one guy that taught the most people about how to be successful with Adsense.

Well now he is back with another training tool that will allow you to basically print money at will. Watch my review below and then get the course at the BEST PRICE by clicking the link below the video.

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 What Is Included?

Beginner Videos:

Beginning Videos


Configuration Videos:

Configure Your Videos


Managing Your Listing:

Managing Your Listing Videos

Money Making  Videos:

Money Making Technique Videos

Bonus Videos:

Bonus Tutorial Videos


In Call Demo Videos:

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Helpouts Profits Review – In Depth Look At Joel Comm’s Google Helpouts Profits Video Course


meBelow you will find my honest review of Joel Comm’s new product Helpouts Profits. This is truly a ground breaking course that does not exist anywhere else at this time. Joel is the New York Times Best Seller of the best Adsense guide on the market. This guide is known as The Adsense Code, and was a great resource at the time when Adsense was first booming.

NOW he has done it again with the launch of Google Helpouts Profits video training course. This is a comprehensive video package that consists of over 35 HD videos for you to follow along with. Don’t miss this opportunity to get it at a discount rate. This is  a time sensitive offer, and will be going up in price very soon. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get in at the ground level of this future BEAST! 

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