Valuable Options On How To Sell Kindle Books

picture of a Kindle and booksKindle books are sort of a misnomer. Kindle books require an e-reader to read; the books in this case are digital versions of the books that can be uploaded to the Kindle and then be read virtually anywhere. The major advantage to the e-reader is that several thousand books can be held inside, with a back up copy on the hard drive. This allows a reader to take along more books than he will ever read anywhere that he goes, ensuring that he will always have something to read. He can also set up libraries for others to read as well, such as for children or other members of his family.

Are You An Author Looking For More Opportunity

For an author, this represents a great opportunity. He doesn’t need to worry about conventional printing, and can thus offer the same book at a lower price than his printed books. Since he does not need to worry about printed materials, almost all of the profit from the book goes right to his wallet rather than the printer’s; rather than having t o worry about printing costs he only needs to worry about selling the book. This is not a bad business model; the only question is how to sell Kindle books.

Kindle gives authors a number of options on how to sell their books. There a number of different distribution systems available broken down by world regions, allowing a concentration on different world areas. This allows an author to concentrate on a particular region; for some authors this is actually a good thing, as his book may only sell within a particular region, such as a tour book for a particular or a history book that features a topic that is extremely topical in one area but is hardly mentioned outside that region. For some authors this is sufficient.

Don’t Forget About Old Faithfulbook printing machine

Another option is to sell along with a printed book onAmazon, allowing customers a choice of printed or digital. This offers the customer some flexibility, especially when a customer has a preference on the type of book that they prefer to read. Some people prefer the printed version, especially because they enjoy the tactile feel, something that an e-reader has yet to copy. However, others prefer the accessibility of a digital book, and the ability to access the book anywhere. This choice allows a person to choose the version that is right for them and their needs, be it printed or digital.

Flexibility Of Multiple Pricing Options

Another advantage is that Kindle allows for a number of pricing options, as well as the option to lend out books. Kindle will lend out books from its authors, giving the authors an opportunity to send the book out for free to reviewers or others interested in the book for two weeks. On the other hand, the author can also offer the book for free, allowing those with an obvious interest in the book to grab a free copy, as well as to offer it as a free sample for a limited time, allowing the book to go viral as it were.

Final Thoughts

In short, Kindle offers a number of advantages for a potential author:

  • Ability to concentrate on a region of interest rather than all world regions;
  • Option to offer multiple formats of the book;
  • Different pricing options, including the ability to offer it for free.
  • The ability to become part of the Kindle Lending Library, which acts as another way to get the word out about the book; and
  • The ability to enjoy the full profits of his book without having to share with a printer.

In short, Kindle not only offers a platform for selling your digital book, but also ways to sell and market your book, giving you the best possible chance of successfully marketing your book.